Susan Francis makes objects, installations and films that respond to a lived experience in a culture of instability, fragmentation and change.

Belfast born, and now living in South West England, Susan Francis makes quiet, and at times unsettling artworks that interrogate the strange, the surreal and the poignant embedded in the familiar and the everyday. With an interest in how we see and are seen, in the fractured and complex construction of meaning in the turbulent evolution of our hybrid analogue and digital selves, Susan Francis often deploys a language of humour, pathos and play in her work.

The deep entanglement of object and material with the psychological and metaphysical is explored through compilations and assemblages

often strongly driven by the vernacular, the every day; cardboard, cotton wool, household paints, mirrors, glass, wire and packaging etc. Together they converge and collide in conversation with one another, revealing an ontology of material, object and space.

erial, object and space.

Growing up surrounded by the stripped back aesthetic of Protestantism in 1970’s Belfast, the presence of absence plays an essential role in the depiction of the liminal through the ethereal, the spare and the 'not there'. A hybrid of the analogue and digital age, Susan Francis has recently completed a Masters Degree in Theology, Imagination and Culture with an award from the Sarum St Michael's Trust exploring the cultural and theological debate in an era of rapid upheaval and change.

'My work displays a sympathy for our daily, imperfect, and fragile attempts to make sense of the human condition, ever hopeful that we will bring order to what persists as chaos'