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'We make things so that they will in turn remake us.'1 Elaine Scarry

The starting point for my work is the interplay between the material and the immaterial. The daily interaction

between material, objects, imagination and numinosity fuels my practice. I am interested in the unseen, and

the subconscious narratives that interlace with the everyday; glitching and shape shifting between object,

memory and place. Past and future smashed together, public and private, ludicrous, ridiculous, flawed, yet

intrinsically profound.

In my pursuit to reveal these leaky, unstable spaces, I create objects, installations and films which seek to

crystallise and suspend incomplete narratives that invite the viewer to reflect on the spaces in between.

Influences come from theological sources and mediaeval iconography, through to the endless flow of mass

digital content, often mixed together to articulate the strange and fragmented landscape of the

contemporary self. I begin with the house, looking out, to an unsettling and melancholic world, using material,

object and film as a language to unpick what I see.

1 Sobchack, Vivian Carol. Carnal Thoughts: Embodiment and Moving Image Culture. Berkeley: University of California Press, 2004. PDF, p147.

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