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I make objects, installations and films that respond to a lived experience in a culture of instability, fragmentation and change


While these are often conceptually driven, creating quiet, poetic and at times unsettling artworks that interrogate the strange and the poignant embedded in the everyday, they may just as easily be materially driven, allowing the state and essence of a material to instinctively inhabit space.

My inspiration can come from any manner of things that surround me,  books, objects, experiences - treating the house as the centre point of this orbiting confluence, from which I look out onto the world. The digital disrupts this orbit, pouring in with imagery from myriad sources, mixing with the detritus to create fractured and unstable meanings.


A recent master’s degree in theology, imagination and culture, has fuelled this interest in meaning making, the work touching on a quasi and incomplete belief system, concocted from a heady mix of memory, experience, and found imagery, raising the ordinary, the low culture and the stuff of little value, to the significant and transcendent.


I am intrigued how religious faith, particularly through early iconography and Renaissance art, addresses the strange and the surreal - the disembodied finger of a dead saint, a painting of a head on a platter, embracing the unsettling as comforting and uplifting. It is an oxymoron I have great sympathy for and explore in many aspects of my work. A vehicle perhaps to a greater understanding.


Despite these numinous notions, my work is playful, irreverent at times, displaying a sympathy for our daily, imperfect, and fragile attempts to make sense of the human condition, ever hopeful that we will bring order to what persists as chaos.

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