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Bokanovsky's Dream_2022 copy.jpg

Bakonovsky's Dream 2022

Found glassware, found objects (Dolls, cotton wool, furniture fringing) latex, wire, paper maché, spray paint

Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 20.49.41.png
Screenshot 2023-02-22 at 20.49.57.png
IMG_9505 copy.jpg
Screenshot 2022-12-12 at 08.12.46.png

Garden of Eternal Consequence 2022

Phormium spikes, gloss paint, paper mache balls, acetate, perspex, doll parts, found materials, wire grid

Nothing is Nothing_susan Francis_2022 (1) copy.JPG

'Nothing is Nothing' 2022

Biodegradeable 3D printing PLA, cotton thread, paint, fishing hooks

A New Heaven and a New Earth_RSS copy.jpg


A New Heaven and a New Earth 2020

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