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I see curating as a natural extension of my practice and feel deeply privileged to work with artists in this way  . Many of the projects I produce span both digital and physical platforms, making multimedia events which often include social media interactions, symposiums, discussion, and interactive installations. 


This event was planned to coincide with International Women's Day and was a multi media event creating the space for womens' creative voice to be heard. Welcoming all who identify as women, the programme partnered with Yellowfields, a critical writing project produced by Georgia Hall during the restricted circumstances of the pandemic. Films were interspersed with readings of the pieces written by artists during the Yellowfields project, but rather than each artist presenting their own work, the artists read each others with the writer present. The film Tin Can Telephone was commissioned for the project and the audience was invited to contribute to an ongoing collection of footage on Instagram @containedsound with Katherine Smith and Susan Merrick, makers of the film, which was built around the project. 

The event also featured the project 'Conversations with Aldershot', created by Sudan Merrick, and work was included from the following artists;

Freya Dooley, Jade Montserrat, Katherine Smith, Nika Neelova, Sarah Misselbrook, Solveig Settemsdal, Susan Merrick, Roisin Sullivan 

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2020 Saturated Space


CAS associate artists show at the National Trust Sandham Memorial Chapel in Burghclere, Hampshire. In response to the historic space created specifically for Stanley Spencer's work on his return from WW1, the CAS artists associate group created work in response to this rich and layered context. In addition to multimedia works which flowed through the early twentieth century domestic space, including the main room, kitchen and bathroom which is part of the overall complex, an evening event was held which included a performance by Kimvi in the smaller domestic space, and a further performance bringing Tony Spencer's multi sensual sculpture from his touring exhibition, Nothing is Immediate, into the chapel space itself which is decorated floor to ceiling with Stanley Spencer's autobiographical work. 

Andrew Jones, James Aldridge, Julia Keenan, Kimvi, Maija Liepins, Michael Johnson, Ruth Facey, Susan Merrick, Tony Spencer,  

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2020 HouseBound


Online Instagram exhibition throughout lockdown, featuring a different 'room' in a house each week plus weekly live interviews with selected participating artists.

51 artists took part

'Another great Instagram project' A-N News



2019 Laboratory of Dissent 2 - THE SCREEN

International collection of short films in response to the theme of dissent shown on the The Screen at Winchester School of Art for CAS project



Week long residency with three artists and pop up show based on the theme of play with Susan Merrick, Katherine Smith and Cherilyn Yeates
















2019 Contagion


Solo residency and exhibition by Jade Montserrat for CAS











2019 In the Round

CAS relaunch show of CAS associates work


Commissioned online international digital project pairing artists in a chain of 'block'residencies, resulting in a symposium at Winchester School of Art

2016 Starting from Scratch

Art exhibition of artists work from the Do I Know You project with people experiencing homelessness

2014 Santuary 

An art exhibition of work created during sessions with people in rehabilitation from homelessness and addiction

2014 PressPLay


Curated film night at NewRED studios

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